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ExhaustsA vital part of today’s exhaust systems are the catalytic converters. These change the properties of noxious gasses produced by the engine combustion chambers in to a more environmentally friendly emission.

All petrol cars manufactured from 1993 have catalytic converters fitted and all diesel cars from 1997. Catalytic converters have a good life expectancy, but still need to be checked periodically for internal and external damage. Sometimes, a 'failed' catalytic converter can be due to a fault in the engine management system. In these circumstances a new catalytic converter may not rectify the problem.

Under existing regulations a police officer can warrant the removal of any vehicle from the roadways on the suspicion that it is producing excessive amounts of pollutant gases from the exhaust. Also, if your vehicle exhaust system is broken and noisy your vehicle will come under police scrutiny. Your vehicle will also fail its MOT test if the exhaust system has a fault resulting in incorrect emissions levels being recorded.

For best practice and to keep your vehicle in ideal condition, Trufit recommends you have your vehicle emission and exhaust system checked at least twice a year for cracks, leaking joints, broken hangers, worn rubber mountings, corrosion, failed gaskets and high levels of pollutant gases.

In conjunction with our partners GT Exhausts in Enniskillen, Trufit can provide Exhaust Systems, Catalytic Converters & Fitting Components for Cars, Van & Light Commercial Vehicles, 4X4 Off Road Vehicles, Sport Utility Vehicles, Multi People Vehicles and Agricultural Vehicles.

To maintain a healthy exhaust system or have your catalytic converter checked, call us now on 028 90 238008 or book a test with us here.

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